Often the most effective things we can do for our health and well-being are the simplest and most natural. Stretching is one of those things.

It\'s natural to stretch throughout the day...


If we lived naturally, we would probably be stretching throughout the day. We do it automatically when we wake up or get up from sitting. But all too often we are engaged in tasks that keep us in one position for too long, and are so focused on getting things done that we don’t take time for things like stretching.




Take a moment now and tune into your body. Chances are it’s begging to be stretched!  

Now, go ahead and s-t-r-e-t-c-h!


Jacques Gauthier and Dorothee Lavoie -- stretching experts.

Our inspiration for emphasizing stretching on this website comes from our association with stretching experts, Jacques Gauthier and Dorothée Lavoie. Jacques healed himself of several debilitating conditions (read his story), and went on to teach stretching to thousands of people. We met him when he was walking across the United States (at age 66) to bring attention to the benefits of stretching.


Stretching — 2 Comments

  1. This stretching dvd is excellent! I enourage anyone with any kind of pain to give this a try for a least a month. You WILL feel a wonderful difference! I truly believe that stretching is curcial to everyone’s health. Stretch away your pain now.

  2. Good to hear this, Mary. We’ve heard the same thing from many people. What a blessing that something so simple is so effective!