Relaxation Room

Enjoy a relaxing meditation break now!

Relax by the lily pond!

May your mind be calm,

your body relaxed,

and your spirits uplifted…

Listen to a guided meditation —

(Track 1 of our Pure Relaxation CD) (7 minutes)

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Relaxation Room — 9 Comments

  1. I have had reiki and am learning yoga and meditations…this could help with retirement in a few months.

  2. That was beautiful. Very nice. I practically fell asleep. I will have my husband relax by this when he comes home from work.

  3. After a hard days work and feeling runned down and exhausted I could have taken gone straight to bed instantly. Now even though I’m heading to bed soon, this was a great experience and I feel much more like myself and was bummed out when the 7 minutes expired. Good thing I have a backup CD! 🙂

  4. This is just so beautiful, I feel so relax right now and this is hard for me to do as I am so hipe most of the time. This will help me in my retirement years.

  5. Thank you for a calming voice, for the invitation to let it all drop…wonderful rest!