What Is Healing?

“Healing is a spontaneous event that comes about through a kind of grace. It can happen anytime, and in any place. It may or may not happen in the context of a healing session. It may come about simply with a smile from a stranger, the breeze blowing through the trees, the song of a bird — some reminder of our connectedness and wholeness — the beauty of Life just as it is at this moment for us.

“Healing can happen on many different levels. Sometimes our healing is not what we expect. We need to be open to the gifts which life is always ready to give us. It may be that a physical problem heals, but it may also stay awhile to teach us something. Sometimes a health challenge is a doorway to a deeper healing, a cry from deep within for attention to some part of us that has been unloved and feels separated from the Whole.

“Regardless of whether our focus in healing is on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level, all levels are invariably touched by the process, and none can be separated out from the rest.” — Mary Maddux

The Merriam-Webster dictionary gives the following definitions of healing:
1. to make sound or whole
2. to restore to health
3. to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcome
4. to restore to original purity or integrity
5. to return to a sound state

“to make sound or whole”…
Although it is clear from these definitions that the word “healing” can be used in very broad ways, it most often refers to healing of the physical body, as in the healing of a disease of injury. It is also frequently used to indicate healing of mental, psychological, and emotional conditions. For those who are spiritually inclined, “to make sound or whole” would have to include the spiritual dimension of life, as well.

medicine broadening its scope…
Our medical institutions and training, which once were more narrowly focused on the physical aspects of healing, are gradually broadening their scope. First, the emotional and psychological factors which contribute to physical illness started to be more recognized. More recently, consideration is being given to the impact of spirituality on healing as well.

other traditions of medicine…
Other traditions of medicine, such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, are inclusive of every level of human life, and are in fact based on world views which recognize individual life as a part of a larger whole. They are based on philosophies which are essentially spiritually-based, whereas allopathic medicine is based on the scientific model which, until recently, has been quite materially-based. As the understanding of the abstract basis of our seemingly concrete, material existence becomes apparent in the cutting edge of physics, the world view upon which our medical system is based must necessarily shift.

spiritual healers in operating rooms…
The appearance of spiritual healers in operating rooms and research on such phenomena as “remote” or “distance healing” are an indication that the seemingly separate worlds of science and spirituality are beginning to shake hands. And this trend, after all, is a sign of “healing” as our medical system is made “sound and whole”!


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  2. Ok well my great grandma used to know how to “call the fire out of someone” is it possible that I would have the same gifts. I also heard that these gifts can only be passed down but only after you skip a generation? Please help me learn more.

  3. Trent, my feeling is that anyone can develop healing abilities — that it’s a natural ability. It’s true, though, that in some people these abilities are stronger and more readily available. For some people, it is a gift. For them, healing is second nature. Not only are their healing abilities easy to access, but they are able to use them easily. Others may have to spend more time to develop the ability.

    Things often do run in families. I don’t know whether a healing ability would skip generations or not. If you have the desire to do healing, I’d suggest you take some steps in that direction. A good idea is to take a healing course such as Reiki or Healing Touch that can support you as you start, or you can use our Everyday Energy Healing CD.

    You can read more on our Becoming a Healer page. Good luck.

  4. Jesslyn. I feel everyone has some degree of healing power. If you are able to comfort another person or help them relax, this promotes healing. There are, of course, varying degrees of this ability and some people have it more readily available while others have to work at developing it. In those in whom it’s already quite developed without training, usually something happens where the ability becomes obvious.

  5. I feel i want and need to heal and help people… always did since i was little i was doing things for other people… it feels right… but my problem is i do not know where to start properly, and maybe i am a bit scared too… please i would appreciate your help or advice.thank you

  6. Katty, Healing can take so many different forms. If your natural inclination is to help others heal, then you are already doing things and what you already do may give you a clue to what kind of healing you might want to pursue. If you want to explore energy healing, you can read through this website, as well as books and so on. Perhaps you can take a basic healing course, such as Reiki or Healing Touch Level 1. You might also want to use our Everyday Energy Healing CD. If these don’t appeal to you, see what does. Perhaps you want to work with herbs, or become a counselor. Just start taking steps, one step at a time, and you will find your way.

  7. I discovered during my training as a CMT that I could feel “hot spots” on the body (my fingers get zapped basically as I run over the problem area). I then press the area and it warms up and the pain subsides but I am afraid to explore this further as I don’t want to get into anything cult-ish. Have you any knowledge or experience of such a thing? I guess I was surprised to discover it – I want to nurture it but don’t know where to turn where I’d feel safe. Thanks.

  8. Erin, it sounds like you are sensing energy and spontaneously using your own energy (through your hands) to help harmonize it. You can do some reading on this website about energy healing, and perhaps read some books, to get more understanding about it. There are two energy healing programs that were founded by nurses – Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch. They are both very grounded and not in the least cult-ish. They might be a good place to start. We also have a CD (available as an mp3 download) called Everyday Energy Healing which is an easy way to get started. You can find it in our shop. Good luck.

  9. Trent … I am a healer, as was my mother, my grandmother and great grandmother. My guess is that it goes back farther but my mother told me this …. and incidents in their lives that confirm it. Go for it!