Living with Grief

How to Survive the Death of a Loved One
Part 1: About Grief

After my mother died, I attended a 6 week hospice grief support group, and a couple of months later attended the whole six weeks again! Despite the fact that I’d been a bereavement counselor myself and knew a lot about grief, it made a world of difference to feel the support of others going through the experience of loss. We all need to be “accompanied” through difficult life passages, and my hope is that this article will help to support those of you who are facing the formidable task of recovering from the death of a loved one. Although we grieve many losses throughout a lifetime, such as losing a job or a home, the death of a loved one is especially difficult. It is probably the most painful of all human experiences. Whether it is a parent, child, sibling, friend or a pet, a whole host of feelings is triggered by loss, and the only way to truly heal from the loss is to fully experience those feelings.

orchidsEveryone’s journey through grief is unique and no two people will grieve in exactly the same way. There are, however, reactions to loss which are common to everyone. Knowledge of these responses can ease the way considerably by letting us know that our feelings and thoughts are normal and expectable. Since grief can sometimes make us feel as if we are “going crazy”, it can really help to know about the complex set of reactions which are a part of the territory. This knowledge can also help us to flow with the feelings of grief rather than trying to suppress them. The only way to get through grief is to go straight into the heart of it!

For support through the experience of grieving, we offer the following topics:

Part 2: Characteristics and Symptoms of Grief
Part 3: Tips for Dealing with Grief

Internet Grief Resources

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Living with Grief — 54 Comments

  1. My Fiance passed away August 12,2011 he was only 37.Im the one who found him and I still have that image in my head how I found him he passed in his sleep.I cant get that image out of my head how do you cope with this?

  2. We are so sorry, Ann. This is such a difficult loss. We recommend you seek bereavement counseling and wish you the best.

  3. my mom died 2 weeks ago from aneurysm it was really sudden we never saw it coming shes’s been in coma for 4 days after the day that she complained about a terrible headache that she is feeling then she suddenly collapse she died really young 53 i felt that our time together was not enough to let her know i much i love her im in so much pain now i always cried at night miss her terribly i feel so numb most of the time i badly need help.

  4. Rush, we are sorry for your loss. As we’ve recommended to others, please get some professional grief support. It can really help.