Becoming A Healer

Part 1: General Questions & Answers

These are Heart of Healing’s answers to FAQs about becoming a healer. You may want to read What is Healing? as well. If you are already doing some sort of healing practice, such as Reiki, and have questions, you might want to visit our new Healers’ Corner.

There are many kinds of healers who facilitate healing in many different ways. If you are interested in becoming a healer, it will be worthwhile to explore what you mean by “healing” and what sorts of healing interest you. Because we specialize in energy therapy and spiritual healing, these answers are mostly geared to this type of healing. If you are mainly interested in the legalities of energy healing as a profession, see Part 2.

What is a healer?

A healer is someone who facilitates healing in another. No one heals anyone else. The healer does not “do” the healing. “Nature” does the healing. The mind-body-spirit has a natural, self-healing capacity. The healer simply plays the role of a “catalyst”.

Is a “special gift” required to be a healer?

Healing is an extension of a natural human capacity. Some people may access it more easily than others, but everyone can develop this natural capacity. Not everyone, however, has the same kinds of healing abilities. Some may be more effective with physical ailments, some with psychological and emotional issues, while others may help people with spiritual growth which plays a part in their healing. There are many different forms that healing abilities take.

Can anyone become a healer?

Acting as a healer is simply an extension of a natural human ability. When someone complains of pain and we reach out to touch them, or when a child cries and we sweep them up in our arms, we are exercising an automatic “healing response”. By exercising this natural ability, it can be developed further. In this sense, yes, anyone can become a healer. It is important to note, however, that what being a “healer” means can vary quite a bit from person to person — the kinds of healing and results can be very different.

How can I develop my ability to heal?

The most important way to develop the ability to heal is to exercise it. Perhaps you’ve already found that people feel better when you listen to them, or touch them, or pray for them. Continuing to practice these skills enhances them. There are also many different programs for learning. Some are for learning self-healing and for working with friends and family, while others are geared to those who want to do healing professionally. The first step is to identify what kinds of skills you want to learn, and what kind of healing seems most natural and suited to you.

How do I become a healer as a profession?

If you’ve spent some time developing and using your healing abilities, and want to begin to do it professionally, there are a number of steps you need to take. First, you need to decide if you are ready to start charging a fee, or do you feel you need to develop your skills more or have more experience? If you feel you need more training, you need to decide which kind of program suits you. (If you are interested in energy healing specifically, see Types of Energy Healing for some insights into how programs differ.)

Acting in the capacity of a healer as a profession entails learning a lot more than simply how to practice a healing modality. It involves communicating what you do to others, defining and maintaining professional boundaries, creating a place to do your work, learning the legalities applicable to your practice on the Federal, state and local levels, and much more. If you have not had previous experience as a professional service provider of some sort (such as nurse, counselor, etc.), then you will probably need help with developing a practice. Some programs will provide this as part of their training, and in other cases you may need to find a mentor or another way of gaining the necessary skills and knowledge for having a professional practice.

Read Part 2: Legalities of having an energy healing practice.

Healers’ Corner


Becoming A Healer — 104 Comments

  1. Thankyou Mary that makes sense to me.

    I just find it verydifficult to accept that someone who administers spiritual healing in the name of spiritual truth . spiritual honesty and the christ consiousness can have so many flaws

    Call me simple but I couldn’t go around this earth providing healing if I knew I had hurt a number of people even if I was a channel or not. i just wouldn’t feel cpmfortable not practising what I preach.

    To me that is hypercritical at the highest , I have learnt a hard lesson though which I will have to take forward.

    Thanks again

  2. Hello,
    Is it possible to heal with tears- like a Pheonix or Rupunzel in the movie Tangled?


  3. Hello Mary, over the years I’ve gotten to the point not wanting to shake hands with anyone. One time when I did in Yosemite nat Park the young woman’s handshake gave me the strongest tingling sensation throughout my right hand up to my elbow. My response was to run to one of the giant trees and have my hand on it for as long as i could before my bus left. It was still there and I kept having to shake my arm again and again. It took quite a long time for it to subside.
    When I entered my bus I asked the driver IF he knew this tour guide and what was wrong with her. He said with a puzzled look on his face that she had AIDS.
    (She died of it about a year later)

    I can look at a person and know if the light is out in their eyes, like their soul has already ‘left the building’

    Now IF I have to shake, its a real quick one and I’m prepared to block it out.

    I was also in a situation where a pretty bad accident on the freeway in a snowstorm had taken place, i was first on the scene, a quite older man seemed in bad shape, I remember holding his shoulder and talking to him until EM services arrived. He was still quite out of it, I was able to leave and later on found out that he was OK thankfully.

    Are these sensations part of a ‘healer’ ?
    spiritually speaking, I also have had several dreams that came true. Had two out of body experience . I won’t be in a room with too many people either, it drives me nuts worrying I’ll see feel or hear something. I can feel me going in a bad mood when people around me are in a bad mood. I purposely live very remote so I stay calm and live a normal life. Its been the only way to keep my mind and body quiet.

    Any suggestions would be very welcomed.

    Any ideas where or what I could look for with all these symptoms?

  4. Jena, sounds like you are very sensitive to energy. Getting personal guidance from someone experienced in energy healing could be helpful to learn how to deal with this.