Welcome to our Healing Pages!


We hope to support you on your “healing journey” whether that means healing for yourself or learning to heal others. Healing can happen in so many different ways and can have so many different meanings. There are no “absolutes” about healing. Everyone’s journey is unique.


It is not possible to be meaningfully involved in healing without ever examining what it is that we are seeking and what healing means to us. What is Healing? explores the meaning of healing while our Self-Healing page discusses what we feel are the most important ingredients of self-healing. Becoming a Healer has questions and answers for those interested in developing and using their healing abilities both personally and professionally.

Visit our blog for our latest thoughts on healing, and please feel free to share your ideas and ask questions in the Comment area of our blog and web pages.

Our Living with Grief pages contain information and tips on dealing with the death of a loved one, or any other kind of loss. Losing a job, moving, being ill or disabled, having your children leave home cause us all to grieve. Being able to grieve properly is essential to our health and well-being, and is often a key to healing.

Because we’ve spent a lot of time with energy healing, most of our healing pages are on this topic. Our Introduction to Energy Healing talks about what it is, how it works and gives a brief introduction to the human energy field (or “aura”) and energy medicine. You can visit our main Energy Healing page, to see what’s available in this area of our website at a glance.

Everything on the Heart of Healing website relates to healing. Visit our Relaxation & Wellness pages for information on sleep, stress, aging, coping with change, stress and weight, meditation and more. We have tips on how to relax, get a good night’s sleep, age gracefully, cope with change, as well as a Relaxation Room where you can relax with a guided meditation.