Introduction to Energy Healing

Energy healing promotes healing by enhancing energy flow and correcting disturbances in the “human energy field” or “aura” which permeates and surrounds the body. Improving the flow of energy in the energy field supports the self-healing capacity of the body.

Currently, there is a kind of revival of ancient understandings about energy healing in the light of modern science. “Laying on of hands”, which appeared in many times and cultures, is being rediscovered and formulated into healing techniques which are accessible to people in the present time. There are also more and more people who are spontaneously becoming aware of healing “gifts”.


Since everything is energy, all healing ultimately involves energy. Most healing methods are focused on the physical, mental and emotional levels of life, without recognition of the deeper underlying energy. Energy healing works purely with the energetic level of our being. Since everything is made up of patterns of energy, working directly with energy influences the physical, mental and emotional, as well as the spiritual level. Energy healing is thus by nature “holistic”.

If there is an illness or disturbance in the body, mind or emotions, we certainly want to address those levels. Energy healing, however, complements and supports other methods of healing, because it addresses the energy of which the body, mind and emotions are composed. (For more, read the Basic Principles of Energy Healing or Types of Energy Healing.)

Learn Energy Healing from a CD. We have created a CD which teaches you to sense energy, activate the healing energy in your hands, and give a hands-on Chakra Balancing. (Read more.)


Just as we have a physical anatomy, we have also have an “energy anatomy”. The human energy field or “aura” surrounds and permeates the physical body. The physical body could be thought of as the most dense expression of the energy, and as only one of a number of bodies which comprise our energy anatomy. We also have “subtle bodies”, which are sometimes referred to as the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

There are a variety of descriptions and images of the energy field from both ancient and modern sources. There are variations in these models, but many describe the aura as being in layers. Many, though not all, emphasize the importance of the chakras which are energy centers where important exchanges of energy take place. Energy healing effects change by positively influencing the energy field.


Energy healing is part of the larger field of “Energy Medicine”. Use of herbs, crystals or sound are examples of energy medicine in that they contain “vibratory patterns” which influence the energetic patterns at work in the physiology. Energy healing is a unique part of energy medicine in that it involves the conscious use of the energy field of the healer to affect the energy field of the “healee”. Some energy healers may employ crystals or other tools, but more often it is simply the interaction of healer and healee on an energetic level which directs the work. (Excellent references on energy medicine are Richard Gerber’s Vibrational Medicine and James Oschman’s Energy Medicine.)

Read about Science and Energy Healing


Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan
Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, MD
Energy Medicine by James Oschman
Wheels of Light by Rosalyn Bruyere
The Therapeutic Touch by Dolores Krieger


Introduction to Energy Healing — 38 Comments

  1. Do you have any evidence of autistic children being healed by energy healers?

  2. Hi Thomas,
    Sorry, we don’t have any evidence on that. We can say that usually energy healing would just be part of a program of treatment, adding support to other approaches by working on the energetic level.

  3. I have a friend that is going through cancer. It started from her lungs and has spread to her brain. I have heard alot of healing energy and reiki and have become extremly interested in what it is all about. Not only to help my friend but to better myself aswell. Do you have any book suggestions in these fields tha would be the best for just a young adult wanting to further my knowledge in this area? thanks

  4. Lara, You can check out our Recommended Books page for a list of books.

    You might also be interested in our Everyday Energy Healing CD (also available as an MP3). It gives a clear, easy to follow introduction to energy healing. It includes a booklet and voice-guided audio instructions — with a centering meditation, energy sensing exercise, and instruction in giving a hands-on chakra balancing to someone else. You could actually give your friend a hands-on chakra balancing as you listen to the CD (or MP3).

  5. I regularly have zero balancing done and often times my therapist will see things.. THis past time she saw a pink star above my head Later in the session she saw a pine tree branch arch over my chest area In a previous session she saw a blue sight shine above my head

    Do you know what any of these lights,shapes, mean?

    Just curious, I find it interesting.


  6. Nicole, from my perspective, what matters is whether these lights and shapes have meaning to you. You can explore what they mean to you and see if it reveals something useful or brings some insight.

    What a therapist sees and how they interpret it will vary a lot from therapist to therapist. Different therapists experience energy in different ways. I don’t think there’s a pat answer to what a symbol or color means. When I do a session, I only pay attention to something I sense if it seems to carry some feeling or meaning that might be relevant to the person I am working with. I may or may not share what I sense and if I do, I am asking them to see if it has relevance for them.

  7. I am about 12 weeks pregnant with identical twins. I have alot of energy literally spewing from my stomach region. So much so, that it’s making me feel sick to my stomach. What could this mean?

  8. That’s hard for me to say, Jill. Perhaps it’s a reflection of all the chemical/hormonal changes going on, which of course have an energetic counterpart. Best thing would be for you to “tune in” and see what the energy means to you. And of course, make sure you are getting good ob/gyn care.

  9. My 8 year old son has osteoporosis and dyslexia. He has complications due to the osteo and is being treated for this with traditional medical infusions to build bone mass. He has a very high IQ and has managed to compensate for the dyslexia. We have him seeing a terrific educational therapist and a behavioral psychologist. He does suffer from some depression and anxiety. Will this type of treatment help him with his overall state of being?

  10. Hi lisa, Generally what energy healing works best with is the “overall state of being”. If you try energy healing with him, try to find a therapist who has worked with children. They need less time and intensity than an adult. The Healing Touch program and Therapeutic Touch are both solid programs. You might look for a practitioner of one of these.

  11. When I am around people I FEEL things from them, their mood, persona (whether they are good or bad) when I touch someone I get hot/cold spots for example some people feel really hot when i touch their face or their arms some people feel really cold, but when I ask them are they hot are cold they usually say neither. Sometimes I even feel this wave of energy. what does this mean? And how can I stop people from pulling energy from me?

  12. Tivdatsi, sounds like you are very sensitive to energy, and empathic (able to feel others feelings) as well. I suggest you do a lot more reading about energy healing, and perhaps attend a course to get more understanding of what you are experiencing.

    I don’t know what is happening that you feel people are pulling energy from you, but that’s something you could get help with if you took a course.

  13. Can you recommend energy healing training programs in Boston?

    Thank you!

  14. Jennifer,
    The Healing Touch Program has classes all over the world, and must have some in Boston. It’s a good program.

  15. hello i have been having healing done now for about a mth and i have been mega depressed very low and just not able to get my self up from my bed i have no appetite at the moment cud this healing malarcy do me any harm or has healing coursed my depression please ?

  16. jane, it’s impossible to respond to this through a website comment. We recommend you seek professional help for your profession. If that is getting worse, you don’t want to rely only on alternative methods.

  17. Hi, I’ve been looking into energy healing for just about as long as I remember…even though I’m only 14 and I can pretty much remember my life. I was wondering if it’s possible to heal any forms of life such as a plant. It would make sense but no technique I’ve ever used has had an effect on any plant. Even under a full moon I was unable to see any effect. Any suggestions on what I can do? (prefered results: rapid growth, minimal foliage death, extended blooming, etc.) Thanks ☺

  18. There are lots of references to plants responding to energy. I’m sure if you do a Google search you can find some. There’s a nice chapter about his in a book called

      Reiki – Universal Life Energy

    by Bodo Baginski and Shalili Sharamon. Perhaps you are looking to see results too quickly. You need to consistently work with the plant over time.

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  20. hi im able to see and feel energy and auras and am learning more about them each day,and feel the need to do more with this any ideas on what direction i should take.thank-you.

  21. heather, you could take an energy healing course, like Healing Touch ( or get our Everyday Energy Healing CD (see our Shop).

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  23. Tlvdatsi,

    I know what you mean by people “pulling” energy from you. Sometimes it is possible to be TOO empathetic. You are sensitive to peoples energy but you could benefit from learning how to not let it affect your own energy. I used to experience this draining feeling (especially with my own family members).

    You can imagine or meditate on keeping a bubble around you or an aura of shining light (you can extend it out as far as you need). You can also imagine a shield of woven gold or a beautiful cascade of water covering your own chakras. This helped me immensely.

  24. Hi I have performed head, neck, face & shoulder massage around 100 times and recently when I was massaging a friend my hands and her face started to glow a flourescent green. So naturally the second time I did the same treatment on someone else I was curious as to whether it would happen again. It did and I am amazed. I work in a hospice and one day this week I did the same treatment on 6 ladies who are carers and the same thing happened. (in fact only as I am writing this have I realised my friend is a carer too) I have never been a spiritual person and if someone had told me this I probably would have thought they were making it up. But I am quite concerned and very curious?

  25. jacqueline, sounds like you are perceiving subtle energies. Sometimes this can be seen as a glow of color. This is seen when your awareness goes deep, or gets into a sort of altered state which can happen when you are doing healing. I can’t say why the color you are seeing is green, but that is a healing color. I recommend you start reading about energy healing. A good start is The Therapeutic Touch because it contains many descriptions of peoples’ experiences sensing energy.

  26. How wd energy work help a person who has experienced trauma long in the past get over it. He is experiencing PTSD with non-epileptic seizures. Thank you.

  27. Nancy, the trauma is still in the energy field and can be dealt with on that level. It can be “cleared” and the field can be rebalanced. Of course, you would not be advised to use energy work alone, but as a complement to medical and professional psychological support. You would also want to be sure to have a competent energy worker with integrity.

  28. I have found over the past couple of years that my friendships and my dating life are causing me constant grief and I don’t know how to change these patterns. If I let my friendships go I feel I wont have anyone in my life. What energy work can I do? Thank you.

  29. Gina, any energy work which helps clear and balance your energy field should help with every aspect of life, including relationships. The key is to find a good practitioner. Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch practitioners have good training, as do some Reiki practitioners. There are also naturally gifted healers, but for that you would need a reference from someone.

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  31. khimchan, we are not offering any courses at this time. We recommend both the Healing Touch program and Therapeutic Touch, both of which are probably offered in Vancouver.

  32. Hello there.. I have a question that I am dieing to ask..

    I have this really blocked feeling in my head.. almost like a massive cloud disturbing my mind with remembering things etc… and I was wondering if the energy healing will help me out with clearing my mind.

    I remember when I was like 17, I had a clear mind but as I am getting older I really do feel that this problem is getting worst and effecting my life.


  33. Jessie, energy healing can be helpful in clearing the mind. In fact, the Healing Touch program even has a technique called “mind clearing”. Meditation also, can help with this.

  34. I found this article, indeed the whole website very interesting, but especially Energy Healing. I am bi polar and was suicidal, alcoholic and generally a mess! I didn’t want to take anti depressants forever and so I went to a very special man, who uses energy healing, shiatsu etc and I am doing really well. I sent my friend to him. The doctors told him that he would go blind in 2 years and that his tendonitis was a life long problem, after only a few sessions….he won’t go blind and he can sleep at night.
    My brother’s future wife is a psychic healer and she does healing from afar and what ever energy fields she uses…it works with my friend. We saw in England and she told him about his future and has helped overcome some difficult times.
    It works