Human Energy Field (“Aura”)

nadis, chakras, subtle bodies…

The “aura” or “human energy field” is a field of energy which surrounds and penetrates the body. The aura underlies and supports the functioning of the body. Contained within the aura are the energetic aspects of every structure and function of the body, as well as everything that we experience (physical sensations, thoughts, feelings, states of consciousness, etc.)

Energy flows through the energy field through fine channels, or nadis, which are themselves composed of energy. Where many nadis cross, energy centers (or “chakras”) are formed. As major “hubs” of energy distribution, the chakras direct the energy which vitalizes the nerves and glands and ultimately all of the structures of the body. Models of the energy field describe layers or subtle energy bodies in its structure.

It is through the energy field that we are connected with everyone and everything else that exists. Some discussions of the energy field involve energies associated with the body which have actually been measured (see Oschman, James L., Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis). Our discussion involves aspects of the energy field which are more subtle, most of which have not been detected by scientific instruments.

How do we know the human energy field exists?

Knowledge of the human energy field comes from ancient texts and metaphysical literature, as well as what is observed through “high sense perception”. High sense perception is a term coined by Barbara Brennan to refer to the phenomena of “clairvoyance” — the ability to see that which lies beyond the reach of physical sight. The human energy field can be perceived in a number of different ways by use of what could be considered to be more subtle aspects of the 5 senses. Clairvoyance or “subtle sight” is only one way. People who are sensitive to the energy field may also hear it (clairaudience), sense it kinesthetically (clairsentience) or even have experiences of subtle smell and taste. Different people sense it in different ways, although some feel that everyone is capable of developing all types of subtle sense perception. It is also possible to have knowledge of the state of the energy field through use of intuition — a kind of “knowingness”.

Many possible models

Those who are able to perceive the aura have attempted to describe it through models which represent the structure of the aura. Not everyone perceives the aura in the same way, hence there are a variety of different models of the human energy field. These models all have some value, but are by no means the only way of describing the aura. Models which are three-dimensional are limited in their ability to capture the complexity and subtlety of the phenomena they attempt to describe.

It is important to remember that these are only “models” — attempts to create three dimensional representations of subtle patterns of energy. Just as atomic and sub-atomic particles do not have the well-defined structures and boundaries of the body, the “subtle energy bodies” of the aura are not like the well-defined structures of the physical body. Instead they are patterns of energy which are dynamic, fluid and interpenetrating. The subtler the energy which is being sensed, the less “localized” it is, and thus the more difficult to describe by a three dimensional model

Why models differ

There are many ways of accounting for the differences in descriptions of the human energy field. Certainly the varying capacities of the observers, and the particular frequencies of energy and structures they are capable of perceiving plays a major role. Auras may also differ widely from individual to individual depending on their particular “energetic makeup” and state of development. The aura of one person may be very different from that of another. Some sources assert that human beings are evolving and that this is reflected in development of the aura. In addition, different people might describe the same phenomena with different models.

Healers may need to create their own models

For those who are developing the capacity to sense energy, it is important to stay open to what is being experienced independent of existing models. Healers may work with models which are quite unique, but work well in terms of their healing style. Models also have a value in healer’s attempts to communicate with clients about the nature of the healing taking place.


Human Energy Field (“Aura”) — 68 Comments

  1. How can we activate our aura so that we can influence others? Can someone can really energize their aura to attract anyone?

  2. Hello abhijeet,
    Our aura is part of who we are, not a separate thing that we can use like a “tool” to create a certain effect. It is only part of what allows us to influence and be attractive to others. The aura is a reflection our our inner being and intentions.

  3. If you consider your aura as a facial expression- a picture of how we are feeling- like smiling at someone- you can put more energy into the aura around you by generating happy warm feelings inside you. It compares to “putting the love in your eyes” in a photograph. And the difference between a forced smile and one that comes naturally with the good, happy feelings inside. So, feeling the best you know how to feel, and really pushing the limits of experiencing joy, will cause you to be attractive to those who also have those positive high energy frequencies. And you feel good in the process, telling your environment to bring you more positive good feelings. feels like a win-win-win to me!

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  5. I am trying to discover what it is im feeling. i can cause an almost static electric energy through my hands and pass it on to others, they tell me it feels warm and electrical. I can also concerntrate on it and see tiny little shimmering, mirrored light, like particles whizzing round my hands. bit worried about sounding crazy, but could you possibly enlighten my in to what it is am experiencing?

  6. Sounds like you are very clearly experiencing your energy field, David. You can read more about the energy field and energy healing on this site, and you might also be interested in the experiences people report of sensing energy on our Meditation Oasis website.

    Your hands contain chakras through which energy can flow, and it seems you are able to invoke this energy through intention, and not only feel but see it. It’s not in the least bit crazy. Your ability to sense subtle energy is simply quite accessible to you. It seems crazy because our culture does not support these perceptions.

  7. when i point my finger out and imagine energy coming out i can see i white fog line for a half a second and it disappears. is there a way i can control it like david said? i would really want to.

  8. “Energy follows thought” is a fundamental principle in energy healing. It’s the principle that makes visualization effective. You can use your imagination to help direct the energy.

    It takes practice and patience to develop your skills in directing energy. Trying to hard to see it or make things happen is counter-productive. It’s done with an easy, meditative focus. Be easy about it.Just keep playing around with it!

  9. one last question. can i sense energy, because i can tell when somebody is coming.its like a tv without a signal.but when they get closer it gets louder.

  10. Yes, kenny! Everyone senses energy to some degree, even if they aren’t aware of it. Most people, for example, can feel it if someone is coming up behind them while walking (even if they don’t hear anything) or staring at them from across the room. It’s a universal experience. Some people are more tuned into it than others.

  11. I have a question about being clairaudience. I have always been sensitive to the energy field but not to this extent. About 2 years ago I started hearing voices. These voices do not talk to me. I thought this was a form of mental illness so I began to go to therapy. It is not. It is very hard to channel the thought processes to one instead of so many at once. I am learning on my own on how to control this gift. I find it very difficult but I am open to suggestions. I also begin to see the energy field if I fast. Which I constantly have to eat to maintain balance. I even became a vegetarian. My question is how do I control so many words at once and understand what is being said. Pronunciations are similar. Thanks.

  12. Andrea, I don’t have experience with this particular situation. It sounds like you are gradually learning on your own how to manage this, and so often that seems to be what people have to do as people differ in exactly how they perceive energy. The one thing I’d suggest is to do things that are grounding — get massage, garden, spend time outdoors, get more connected to your body. I say this because it sounds like you are doing things to enhance your abilities (like changing your diet). That’s fine, but perhaps it would help to slow the whole process down a bit. That might make it easier to deal with.

    The mind has amazing abilities to screen and organize information and I would imagine in time it will learn to sort out what you are hearing better. Good luck!

  13. I have always been able to feel when people are coming near even when I cannot see them, which I now understand is their energy. I recently had a first time experience when I was able to actually feel my husbands energy, I was facinated and never felt anything so wonderful, I kept feeling a couple of inches away from his body all over his upper body. Is this important to have as a healer ? I know this is the direction my life needs to take, to be a healer but don’t know where to start. Also lately, I have a tingling feeling all over my body and don’t know why, is this my energy ?

  14. elizabeth, it is wonderful to feel subtle energy, isn’t it! There are many ways that people heal, and the ability to sense energy can be part of that but it doesn’t have to be.

    A good way to get started is to take an introductory energy healing course (Healing Touch has programs all over the world and Reiki is also very popular). You can also use our Everyday Energy Healing CD which will help you to develop your ability to sense energy and learn to use it for healing. (It’s available as a CD or mp3.) Good luck!

  15. I have been a clinical social worker for 14 years. My area of practice for most of those years was pretty generic. I worked primarily with individuals experiencing a variety of mental and emotional issues. In the past 4 years I have specialized in treating individuals who have experienced sexual violence. This experience has lead me deeper into framing what I do as “healing”. This frame of referance has broadened my understanding of what “therapy” really is and I find myself drawn to energy healing. Recently, after experiencing some profound events I began drawing. I have never ever (in this life) been able to draw. For about 2 weeks when I was not working, I was obsessed with drawing. These drawings while not beautiful are pretty astounding to me. I somehow sense that something is trying to use me as a vehicle. It feels weird but intriging. Is it possible that I am imagining this or can this somehow be connected to energy healing? I have been reading about the various forms of energy work and am working on figuring out what makes sense for me. I am sorry this is so long but I am searching for information. Thaank you in advance for responding and directing me further.

  16. From our perspective, everything is connected to energy healing since movements of energy underlie everything we do and everything we are. Clearly something is trying to express itself — some innate ability is spontaneously blossoming in you. What the reason for and outcome/use of the drawing is remains to be seen but should become clear in time.

    I’m not sure how this is connected to which form of energy work you would do. You can just take a class that appeals to you and see where that leads.

  17. Hi, im 13 yr old and im thinking, i can heal, i put my hand over a cut and it closes completely or scabs right away, i can make psi balls too and they get pretty big but my question is or story to a question

    my grandma has a morphine pump in her hip no one will fill it and shes been in servere pain for a long time, when my mom and dad were i iraq and now in haiti, im afraid she will have a heart attack from pain causing high blood pressure, i try and heal her but mine is soo weak for her but not for me, i try numbing it but that doesnt work either, can you tell me some healing and numbing tips because i practice many times a day, but its just not strong enough, and i feel most strongest when im on my horse that im seververly attached to, and i may be better on her i dont know

    can you give me some advice on healing? So i can try and save my grandma?


  18. Hi Wolfie, I’m so sorry about the situation with your grandmother. It’s difficult to teach energy healing through a comment like this. The best thing would be for you to find an energy healing course where you live, like Healing Touch or Therapeutic Touch. Perhaps you can take the course (if you parents OK it) or get some help from the person who teaches it. In the meantime, I’m sure it helps your grandma for you to hold her hand and stroke her head and show you love her. That’s a very basic form of energy healing!

  19. Hello,

    I have had an experience during meditation which keeps occurring every time I try to meditate. I concentrate on my breath and slowly my thoughts are unnoticed and when I am in this relaxed state my head and upper body start moving. I can feel a pull as if my upper body and head are slowly turning and being pulled upwards in the same direction. Recently I broke this movement and opened my eyes for sometime, but I wanted to go back. I concentrated again and the same happened. I always feel relaxed and free from thoughts after meditation. Please can you explain me this body movement.


  20. Every once in a while i find that i see an invisible bubble around people. Whenever i focus on someone for a few seconds the area around the person becomes distorted. it has no color but L am wondering if it’s an aura.

    Also sometimes when certain people put their hands on my arm(s)/hand(s) I get a strange sensation like hot or cold water brushes up against me and penetrates my skin making me feel relaxed or shocked. My aunt tells me this is a perception of energies but i would like another opinion. (My aunt is a shaman and reike master.)

  21. Shaun, the “invisible bubble” sounds very much like what Barbara Brennan would call the “etheric layer” of the energy field. It also sounds like you may be experiencing energy when touched by others, as well. You can get lots of opinions on this from others, but ultimately you need to reach your own conclusions as to whether you are seeing and feeling energy. Doing some reading on the subject and comparing your experiences with those of others might help.

  22. i want to activate my aura to use it positively … can it be used to resolve conflicts and clashes wid yr loved ones to clear misunderstandings and solving matters which seems impossible… please guide

  23. tasneem, a stronger, clearer more balanced aura, or energy field, is the basis of all problem-solving. Good luck with it.

  24. I met a woman five years ago. She said she loved me and this caused her parents to hate me. On three ocassions I have had this big warm feeling. The first time I felt it I had to see her, but remember her parents were very hostile. Therefore I refrained from seeing her, but this day as I was reading a book, “the grapes of wrath” at the passage where the narrator was describing the “Ma of the fambly” the description of the Ma fit the description of my friend, Sarena. Suddenly, I felt this huge wave of warmth: some call it “the warm blush of passion” As I said I had to see her. When I reached her she said Robeen! You’re here! I asked God to bring you here between 12 and 1:00. It was between that very time. This warm feeling happened other times. My friend said “You can feel her aura” Sarena also has a purely female aura or presence. I’ve never felt this before and I am 48 and have been around alot of girls and women. Does anyone else know what I mean?

  25. Hey there!
    I truly enjoy energy and the many different ways to sense and experience it…but my mother has forbidden me to meditate. She says that it’s witch-craft and isn’t good. I’ve tried to tell her that it makes me a better person, but she doesn’t care and won’t try it herself. She says if I keep doing it, I’ll bring a bad spirit into the home. So, I want to be obedient, but I also want to meditate. How can I honor my mother and meditate at the same time??? thanks a bunch Mary!

  26. FelineNinja, Meditation can be a practice, and it can also be a relaxed state that we get into naturally. Maybe you can find other ways to have that experience, since doing a meditation practice is upsetting to your mother. The benefits of the meditation could be lost due to the lack of harmony at home and your mother’s apprehension. Before you know it you’ll be old enough to do whatever you like! Best wishes.

  27. Back in 1995, I got involved in Qi Gong at the behest of my aunt. I became so involved with the forms and especially the breathing exercises. I began experiencing vivid dreams at night; feeling like i was actually there. I was spooked from continuing when, one night, my dream became reality; the very next day I heard the exact conversation a co worker was having that was in my dream. Would this be considered our next step in human evolution? Or just coincidence?

  28. Jason, there are all sorts of ways of looking at this. To see the future in a dream could be a sign of development of some psychic ability. We recommend you do some reading on this subject and see if it helps you to make sense of this. Best wishes.

  29. I’ve been getting very vivid dreams lately. In one of them I saw a teenage girl surrounded by complete darkness, the small area around her was rippling . as it progresses i try to get closer. then she bites my left hand. when i woke up i had a mark on my hand where she bit me. later that day, at school, i saw her… should i get to know her? does my dream mean anything significant?How could i wake up with a bite.
    P.S. i tried to copy the bite. there is no way i could have bitten myself…

  30. Wow, I’m stymied. Truth is stranger than fiction! In general I’d say a dream is significant if it feels like it has a meaning for you and you use it as a tool to get insights. I wouldn’t decide about meeting the girl based on the dream — get to know her if you feel drawn to in the “waking state”!

  31. when i concentrate on my energy to move to my hand and i can even just but one hand out and i end up doing it with out thinking it i feel a tingles sensation and heaviness if feels like i put to much energy in my hands so i thought about shoting it at my hat and i feel some type of release but it is still there what can i do tho understand this ?

  32. hi i was wondering if you could tell me whats going on,
    i have this bad habit of turning off streetlights or sometimes turning them on when i pass under them i’ve watched other people walk under them with no effect, so i go under again to see if its a fluke and it turns off also my old house had a ghost in it and it would always come to bug me and never really anyone else, i’d feel a tingling sesation on my face when it would come in my room and it would stand over my bed when i would try to sleep and touch my hair and tell me it loved me and just plain freak me out. my grandmother suggested it might be my energy and my friend says my energy field is huge but im not sure what that means.

  33. brad, we suggest you do some reading on energy healing. It would help a lot with understanding your experiences. Books about Therapeutic Touch and Barbara Brennan’s books might be helpful.

  34. I just learned about the human energy feild and i learned how to manipulate another persons energy feild is a way to get more in depth with this?

  35. Take some courses and read! Healing Touch program, Therapeutic Touch, a good Reiki teacher — all can help. You can also start with our Everyday Energy Healing CD (in the shop).

  36. At night I can see energy in the room like blocks and swirls. I can take my hand and actually move the energy around. Also when I get the energy swirling I can see tiny sparks within. But the strsngedt thing id the bubbles that cover my hands and arms. And there is something else that I can clearly see something that looks like vapor or smoke streaming from my arms. I can see this any given time not just occasionally. I do not see aura colors just what I have described. Have you ever heard of these things?

  37. Nancy, energy can be seen in all sorts of ways. It sounds like you are seeing the aura — maybe not in color, but you are seeing energy around your body. You might want to do some reading about peoples’ experiences sensing energy. The Therapeutic Touch (a book) has descriptions of experiences. You might also be interested in this blog post on our website. Although it’s about sensing energy in meditation, the principles are the same.

  38. Hello there,
    Just stumbled on your site. Ive been told recently that my purpose in life is to be a healer…..and that I have the gift to heal illness and save lives with my hands. The wondeful psychic who told me this said that I have an aura that extends more than 4 feet and is a golden color with thick bright streaks of red, and pink. I was also told I have rays of purple and thick royal blue coming from my hands. I was curious if this has any special meanings. My spirituality has begun to blossom in the past year and I would love to learn more about this! 🙂

  39. I would like to know if one person’s energetic aura can affect some other person’s aura in a way that the second person would become dizzy or feel sick only being in the close presence of the first person, and why does that happen, and if/how this can be stopped! Thank you for an answer!

  40. christin, some people assign meanings to the aura colors. I’m sure if you google it, you’ll find lots of explanations. I think, though, that what will help you blossom the most is to look within yourself to find meanings. Most important thing is to start using your gifts!

  41. Roxanne, we are always being affected by the energies around us, including the auras of others. Some people are more aware of this than others, of course. Best thing is to keep your own energy strong and in balance. There’s also a visualization some people find useful. You can imagine a bright point of concentrated light in the center of your body and imagine it expanding and radiating out in all directions. Chances are if you do that when you feel disturbed by some energy, it will make a big difference.

  42. Hi I’m 17 and when I drive by a light post the lights go out, this happens very often. It’s also happened that the lights go off inside the house and we have to go the breakers box and turn them on. Do you know why this happens or do you know someone who might be experiencing the same?

  43. Ssky – apparently other people experience this, but in all honesty I don’t have a clue about this. You might want to do a web search on a term like “street lights go off when I drive by”. I did and came up with a page about it —

  44. Hello everyone! I am here because Anytime I want I can look at someone (including myself) and see what seems like clear smoke coming from them or I. Out of will, I have been able to direct other “clear smoke” to me, not for long though. I realize its because of my attention spand. When it comes to the said smoke coming from me, I can not manipulate it at all. I also realize that when I do focus longer than normal, I start to see moving clear outlined figures (like spirits maybe). The longer I focus, the better the images become. Its very wierd though, the surroundings are over filled it seems with these “people images”. So first question is how can I manipulate my “clear smoke” or first off, what is it? Second, can someone enlighten me on the “overly crowded people images” are about?

  45. Here i wanna give u a cool ability, fist place hands like your holding a basket ball,now after that i want you to make your hands two magnets pushing eachother away, after that feeling imagine a ball of little lines grow from the middle of your hands. while ur doing this get a little kid to place his hands inside the invisable ball in your hand without touching his hands. then make it feel like you cant push ur hands any closer if you do this right you will give there hands a tingly sensation.. 🙂 tell me some stuff you know