The Chakras

Chakras are centers of distribution of energy throughout the body. There are seven major centers which govern a multitude of lesser centers throughout the body. Five of the major centers are located along the spine and two in the head. The chakras are not within the dense physical body. They exist in the etheric matter and in the aura, outside the physical body.

Painting by Barry Stevens

Painting by Barry Stevens

Each of the major chakras is associated with a gland and major nerve plexus and governs the area of the physical body in which it is found. By influencing the endocrine system and its hormones, the chakras affect the functioning and structure of the tissues of the body, including the organs. The chakras are also associated with various aspects of our experience on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Structure of the Chakras: “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheels of light”. This is descriptive of the appearance of the chakras which are like vortexes of energy which spin. Each chakra is structured uniquely to receive and transmit the particular qualities of energy which are necessary for the area of functioning governed by the chakra.

The seven major chakras are the “root” or “base” chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, brow chakra and crown chakra. The three lower chakras are often described as being related to our functioning as a human being on the “earth plane”. They are controlled by the energies of the planetary physical plane. The chakras above the diaphragm are controlled by the energies of what is called the “cosmic plane”. The upper three chakras, in particular, are involved with the processing of “spiritual” energies. The heart, lying in the middle, is thought to be the connector or transformer which bridges “above and below” or “heaven and earth”. As we progress spiritually, the upper chakras are awakened, producing the expansion and development of the spiritual layers of the aura. The energies of upper and lower chakras are also brought into relationship, transforming each other. The whole chakra system and aura are actually in a state of evolution.

Colors of the Chakras: The chakras are commonly described as having the colors of the rainbow, beginning with red at the root and ending with indigo at the 6th (ajna or brow) chakra. The crown chakra is usually thought to be mostly white light, although some describe it as a light violet hue. There are other systems which describe the chakras as having different colors. The rainbow colors are actually the colors of the chakras at the 2nd, or emotional layer, of the energy field. Since those colors are the brightest, it may be that they dominate in the overall color perceived in a chakra. Also, at this point in time in human evolution, the emotional energy body is very active and this also may account for the popularity of this particular color scheme.

The appearance and structure of the chakras from person to person will vary considerably, depending on:

  • The particular energies which constitute that person’s makeup — there are variations in the basic energetic “constitution” of individuals (ray energies)
  • The point in “evolution” of the person’s chakra system. Chakras can be in various states of “awakening”.
  • The overall health of the energy field. Energy field disturbances can be seen as distortions of the chakras.
  • The current life issues and transitions occurring at a particular time — the chakras can be in a considerable state of flux.

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Chakra painting  by Barry Stevens




The Chakras — 41 Comments

  1. I have had many experiences with a ‘humming’ or buzzing sensation over my sacral area, and I am told that that corresponds with the root chakra. I think I understand what that is attributed to, however, I recently had a similar sensation at my right femeralcoccyl joint, and I can’t find anything that explains that. Where could I find some illustrations to help me on my search? Do you have any idea what this is attributed to?

  2. Hi Mandi,
    There is not complete agreement on where the root and sacral chakras are located. Usually I would associate the sacral area with the sacral chakra, and so any sensation felt there would likely be associated with that chakra. On the other hand, the sound of the root chakra is described as being like the humming of bees.

    When energy moves in the aura (or chakra), it can be felt in all sorts of ways. It’s difficult to interpret sometimes what it means other than indicating a shift in energy. There are minor chakras in all of the body’s joints, so it’s conceivable you were feeling a vortex of energy in a joint.

  3. I would like some information regarding the minor heart chakra in the palms.

    Thank you


  4. Hi Billy, All I can say is that the minor chakras in the hands are connected to the heart and are involved in giving and receiving. Of course, energy can flow through then during healing and they can also be used to help us sense energy. Perhaps you’ll find more detail with a web search.

  5. This morning as I was getting out of bed I thought for a minute I saw a bright burst of light between my eyes. Kind of reminded me of a burst of light from an old fashioned polaroid camera. It was this morning around 4:30 am. Any ideas?

    Here’s something else. I have had right knee cap issues lately. Child’s pose was so challenging. To help my knee feel better I would extend my leg out(hamstring stretch)on a high countertop and really flex my toes. It is not as debilitating anymore. I eased off the weights and I really focused on asanas without a whole lot of knee bending. What would I go to look at that would tell me what was going on with my body? I’m sure it was hip related.

  6. Is there a correlation between “sadness” or grief and the pain in my right ring finger?

  7. Deirdre — Hard to know if the burst of light is neurological or eye-related or if it’s a perception of energy at the third eye chakra. No clue really. As for the knees, there are all sorts of resources — a physical therapist perhaps, or the work of Egoscue might give you some clues, or Esther Gokhale’s work. I really like the latter. Good luck.

    Julie — It’s possible there’s a correlation because the heart chakra is linked to the arms, hands, and fingers. But it could also be due many other reasons and I really can’t say.

  8. I want each and every thing regarding chakras. What to do if a patient having sexual debility and water imbalance.

  9. dr parimal, I would suggest with such a strong interest in chakras that you read some books and perhaps take some classes. Both sexual debility and water imbalance are related to the second chakra, but other chakras can be involved in some cases. There’s no simple formula about what to do. Working with the chakras takes a lot of understanding. You can learn to do an overall chakra balancing fairly easily, however, taking a course like Healing Touch or using our Everyday Energy Healing CD.

  10. I was in a meditative state and I heard the sound of a Tibetan hum which went from my right ear to my heart chakra, or sternum. i thought i saw a white light between the two. Could you tell me of the meaning of this?
    Also what is the meaning if you feel a chakra spinning on your back?

  11. Leisa, all sorts of experiences can happen as we meditate and become aware of subtle energies. Chakras are a spinning energy, so it’s not unusual that that is how you would feel it. These experiences may or may not have a particular meaning, but what matters is what they reveal to you.

    I feel it’s best to explore what these experiences mean to you. Check within yourself and see what the sound you heard means for you and if it has a meaning to you that the sound when to your heart.

  12. Today my sister had a session with an energy and intuitive healer. My sister did not understand the result fully – she was told she is too busy doing, and does not take enough time to stop and think about things. She does have a hard time sitting still or relaxing. We don’t understand about needing to think more, could it have to do with spiritual enlightenment, not really about ‘thinking?’ After the reading pain in her hip and knee were gone as a by product. We are struggling to apply what she was told to her situation.

  13. Hi Donna, I am not able to interpret what another healer said. Your sister would really need to talk to the healer she saw to get some clarification. On the other hand, it’s always good to use what someone says if it makes sense to you and sparks your own intuitive knowing. Otherwise, you can just let it go!

  14. Today I have been experience sensations on the top/back of my head, leaning toward the right at times. This is not the first time it has happened. The sensation is a light, tingling sension and can also feel like a cool air is blowing around that area of my head or within it. I imagine it has something to do with the crown chakra, but I don’t know what. Is there some wisdom that I am suppose to receive or knowing, or it is somthing to do with opening the chakra. Any help is appreciated because it is a strange type of feeling. It is very subtle and it has happend a few times this evening. I just wonder what it means. Any ideas or good books/papers on this?

    thanks much!

  15. cj, What you describe sounds very much like the experience of energy moving at the crown chakra. It may indicate an opening of that chakra, or simply your increased ability to perceive energy. Anytime we feel those subtle energies at a particular chakra location, it is a given that something is going on associated with that chakra. Anything happening at a chakra will be expressed somehow in our lives, physically, emotionally, psychologically and/or spiritually. You don’t need to look for the wisdom the opening may be bringing. It will just naturally be there. There are many books about the chakras, as well as websites. We have some on our recommended book list.

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  17. i was admitted in the hospital for a minor surgery. For that they have given me anesthisia for the surgery.during the period i experience a very very unique feeling which i never experience before/ after that also i have seen a very very huge bright white light and i am ??? travelling with a lightening speed in a cool breeze…i dont know what it was. but after this experience i am totally new person…with no desire and more in spiritual things ..kindly explain

  18. jayashree, Sometimes intense life events (even surgery) can trigger a spiritual awakening. I can’t give you an explanation of your particular experience, but I suggest you read and explore spiritual literature to help you integrate this change.

  19. Most of the time after yoga or meditation practice at the end, I experience seeing purple/violet and white light colors and energy. I also since experiencing darshan at a retreat a few years have the experience of my body vibrating to the enegy field aroud me, feeling both sound and light energy and it feels like my body is in tune with energy around me vibrating and humming for a few days and sice then I have this experience in meditation. I know that the colors mean that after meditiation/or relaxation in yoga that my brow and crown/eye chakra’s are open. Can you tell me more about the sound and light experiences I have had?

  20. ca, it’s hard to say exactly what chakra these experiences relate to. The chakras are interconnected and affect each other. Certainly you have sensitive to energy and able to experience it through your senses (subtle sense perception) and with your body. If you want to relate these experiences to the chakras, you might want to read more about the various chakras and what they are associated with.

  21. In the silence of the night, when am in my bed almost asleep, I always see a flash of light when I hear a sudden sound, no matter the sound is loud or not. I asked my husband if he sees those flashes of light too but he said he does not. I understand I have higher sensitivity to this type of energy and I wonder if this is harmful in any way?

  22. Liz, there’s no harm to being highly sensitive to energy, but it can help to understand it better and learn to take care of yourself with this sensitivity. I recommend you do some reading on energy healing. As for seeing light with the sound, I have no explanation for that.

  23. Once earlier last week I was meditating (I’m still new to this) and I was trying to cycle all of my chakras to balance them and awaken the ones of the main seven i haven’t felt yet. When it felt like alll the energy was cycling through my body I concentrated on the kundalini trying to dig deeper into that energy to see what was there, and slowly I felt an extremely powerful sense of stregnth and confidence unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. This feeling of stregnth was not just spiritual but physical and I. Still do not know what to make of it. Please explain…

  24. Hello. For the past 4 months I have been experiencing an almost constant tingly, whirly and vibrating/buzzing sensation bilaterally in my arms/hands, legs/feet. I am 39 years old and I have lupus, RA, and fibromyalsia. I have also had 4 lumbar surgeries due to degenerative disc disease. I am on many medications- but none are new, and my doctors don’t believe they are the cause of these persistant sensations. I have seen my primary MD, my rheumatologist, my neuro-surgeon and a neurologist- all who are stumped as to the cause. I have had extensive lab work, an MRI of the lumbar, sacral and cervical spine, a deep-tissue/nerve biopsy, and a nerve conduction study. All tests were “normal”. I am desperate to figure out the source, and I am curious to know if this sounds like an imbalance or distortion- or just an awareness of the chakra? Any information would be so much appreciated.

  25. Jenifer, it is possible you are growing in your awareness of your subtle energies (the chakras and other aspects of the human energy field). This may be the case especially if you have started some sort of practice — meditation or something else — that expands your awareness, but it can also start spontaneously. It’s hard to know from a comment on a blog, so I would suggest you get a session with an experienced energy healer who can give you feedback and help you explore. Most Healing Touch practitioners (see should be well trained, or you can get a referral from someone you know. Best wishes.

  26. I don’t know what this all means maybe someone can help me.

    About an hour ago I became aware that I was staring at my ceiling.. I saw a burst of colors in my field of vision, followed by my ears popped and feeling tingly all over. I turned my head and saw a dear friend. I called out her name and I realized she wasn’t there.

    I have had the oddest sense of Déjà vu for the past two months.

    I don’t think anything is wrong with me, but i wanted to know can chakras open on their own? or is there a life cycle of opening and closing?

    To give a better description of the colors… You ever had sand on a vibrating table? Well its like that but the grains of sand are colors. I see this when I close my eyes and concentrate.. but this morning it was like… the sand was large pebbles. Green, blue, red.. not much of that. no purple and maybe yellow.. no Orange.

    Imma go back to sleep now.

  27. Yes, Richard, chakras can open on their own and this sounds like some sort of opening. If you find there is some imbalance in your life going on with this, such as difficulty functioning, be sure to check with a doctor. Otherwise, it would be good to read more about energy and chakras and kundalini to understand your experiences. Perhaps you can find a local energy healer, someone familiar with these things, to consult.

  28. For years I’ve had a tingling sensation at my third eye. I’ve asked mediums and spiritual teachers and no one could really say what it was except awakening. Also, have had issues with vertigo and a whoosing, pulsing sensation in my left hear that has not gone away.
    i wonder if you have any insight on this.
    Thanks, Wendy

  29. Wendy, all sorts of things can happen when there is an opening of a chakra. You might want to read about kundalini, as what you are experiencing is consistent with experiences of the movement of kundalini energy. Best of luck.

  30. My friend said he could see aura’s/chakras as he has been practicing off the internet so he tried to see mine and when he did he said it was very bright but that it was shaking and “fluctuating rapidly”
    Is that normal?

  31. Jackson, auras are dynamic. They are life energy, constantly shifting and changing. Think of the blood coursing through your veins — life moves and changes. It’s certainly not unusual if the aura appears to have movement. I wouldn’t put much meaning on what someone sees in your aura, especially something new to seeing auras and practicing. How people see the aura also depends on them. It’s not as objective as seeing a red apple and knowing it’s red. If you feel good and healthy, that’s the best sign that your aura is in balance.

  32. For years I have been studying, reading praying and trying to visualize with god, angels and spirit guides. I have many unique experiences, including obe, and astral projection (which just happened). My question, lately my husband while I am sleeping wakes up seeing colors floating over me, I have had green, gold, violet and a few others. Why is he seeing them? It is only at night and the colors are very bright. I have looked up the meaning of the colors, but am wondering why he wakes up to see them. Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated.
    (I find myself to be very religious and ask and receive signs)
    Thank you

  33. Carol, I recommend that you find an energy healer in your area who can go into this with you in detail. It’s impossible to answer this without an actual conversation. Good luck.

  34. Is there any danger in cleansing your chakras(or at least trying it) without a mentor and without a good preparation? thank you.

  35. apple, people mean so many different things by “cleansing your chakras” and there are so many different approaches to doing it. That makes it difficult to answer this question. Some energy healing approaches are more intense than others, and people respond so differently to them. The danger would be that too much energy moves too fast or in an unbalanced way, and that could disrupt ones functioning. A gentle, balanced program like Healing Touch ( or Reiki might be a good, safe way to start.

  36. I have noticed recently that if my hands are near my heart, my heart will hurt! Its to the point now where I avoid allowing my hands to even pass over my heart! Do you have any idea as to why that would be?

  37. Mary, I just came across your site and wanted to say “thank you” for your reasonable answers and guidance for people to learn more by reading, taking classes, or going to see practioners trained in HT or Reiki. Your professionalism is appreciated.

  38. This may sound unusual but I get a feeling at the top of my head that feels like my skin is pulling up. I tell myself its feeling energy around me or something but I don’t really know. Its abit odd but it doesnt hurt. I have yet to hear anyone else discribe the sensation. It doesn’t happen at a specific place or situation. It can be when I have a thought or when I walk into a room. But its very intense when it does. Have you any Idea what it is? Figured cant hurt to ask. Thanks Lisa M.

  39. This could be some activation of the crown chakra. You could consult with a local energy healer.