Human Energy Field (“Aura”)

nadis, chakras, subtle bodies…

The “aura” or “human energy field” is a field of energy which surrounds and penetrates the body. The aura underlies and supports the functioning of the body. Contained within the aura are the energetic aspects of every structure and function of the body, as well as everything that we experience (physical sensations, thoughts, feelings, states of consciousness, etc.)

Energy flows through the energy field through fine channels, or nadis, which are themselves composed of energy. Where many nadis cross, energy centers (or “chakras”) are formed. As major “hubs” of energy distribution, the chakras direct the energy which vitalizes the nerves and glands and ultimately all of the structures of the body. Models of the energy field describe layers or subtle energy bodies in its structure.

It is through the energy field that we are connected with everyone and everything else that exists. Some discussions of the energy field involve energies associated with the body which have actually been measured (see Oschman, James L., Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis). Our discussion involves aspects of the energy field which are more subtle, most of which have not been detected by scientific instruments.

How do we know the human energy field exists?

Knowledge of the human energy field comes from ancient texts and metaphysical literature, as well as what is observed through “high sense perception”. High sense perception is a term coined by Barbara Brennan to refer to the phenomena of “clairvoyance” — the ability to see that which lies beyond the reach of physical sight. The human energy field can be perceived in a number of different ways by use of what could be considered to be more subtle aspects of the 5 senses. Clairvoyance or “subtle sight” is only one way. People who are sensitive to the energy field may also hear it (clairaudience), sense it kinesthetically (clairsentience) or even have experiences of subtle smell and taste. Different people sense it in different ways, although some feel that everyone is capable of developing all types of subtle sense perception. It is also possible to have knowledge of the state of the energy field through use of intuition — a kind of “knowingness”.

Many possible models

Those who are able to perceive the aura have attempted to describe it through models which represent the structure of the aura. Not everyone perceives the aura in the same way, hence there are a variety of different models of the human energy field. These models all have some value, but are by no means the only way of describing the aura. Models which are three-dimensional are limited in their ability to capture the complexity and subtlety of the phenomena they attempt to describe.

It is important to remember that these are only “models” — attempts to create three dimensional representations of subtle patterns of energy. Just as atomic and sub-atomic particles do not have the well-defined structures and boundaries of the body, the “subtle energy bodies” of the aura are not like the well-defined structures of the physical body. Instead they are patterns of energy which are dynamic, fluid and interpenetrating. The subtler the energy which is being sensed, the less “localized” it is, and thus the more difficult to describe by a three dimensional model

Why models differ

There are many ways of accounting for the differences in descriptions of the human energy field. Certainly the varying capacities of the observers, and the particular frequencies of energy and structures they are capable of perceiving plays a major role. Auras may also differ widely from individual to individual depending on their particular “energetic makeup” and state of development. The aura of one person may be very different from that of another. Some sources assert that human beings are evolving and that this is reflected in development of the aura. In addition, different people might describe the same phenomena with different models.

Healers may need to create their own models

For those who are developing the capacity to sense energy, it is important to stay open to what is being experienced independent of existing models. Healers may work with models which are quite unique, but work well in terms of their healing style. Models also have a value in healer’s attempts to communicate with clients about the nature of the healing taking place.


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  1. Hi, I want to know why I can create such strong connections with other beings. Like my ex we were together 6 years. I can feel it when she is sad or when she will be sad. I felt it and asked her everyday for 2 weeks if she was ok. At the end of the 2 weeks her sister died of an ectopic pregnancy no one knew about. This also happened again years later her brother killed himself. Another girl I was with I van tell when she is looking at the moon. Also when I was very young 12 or 13 I had a bird I was very stretched to it went everywhere with me. One day it was crushed and died. At the same time I felt a crushing feeling in my chest and couldn’t breath. I fell to my knees and a few seconds later it went away and I ran to the yard and found out that the bird had been arrows on. Why can I feel these things?

  2. Christian, In view of these experiences, it could be very helpful for you to read some books about psychic abilities. There are lots of them available. Try reading a few and you’ll probably find you understand your experiences a lot more.

  3. Believe it or not, technology is currently being developed, that will be able to teleport our aura to places far away…..

  4. Yesterday a guy stopped me in the street and said I had a massive aura around me and asked me what I was thinking. I was looking for road, nothing special. Still what does this mean ? I recall a clairvoyant I was passing once said the same thing but I fear I ignored her out of ignorance. What do I need to do about this aura?

  5. Anka, there’s nothing to do about it unless you feel out of balance in some way. To say someone has a “massive aura” doesn’t really give any useful information to act on. Perhaps you should read about auras and energy healing and learn more about it.

  6. Hi there, this weekend I stood behind people in a bar and all of a sudden I could feel their energy when holding my hand like 20 cm behind them. Then I practiced it with two hands standing behind a woman, she turned around as if she felt it. It felt like I connected directly with her whole being, like 40 cm away. Felt very peaceful and loving (not sexual!), I did not speak with her, just eye contact…it lasted several minutes I felt I was beaming positive energy her way. Never had any such expercience before. What could this be? thnx

  7. I recently finished massage therapy school. When I started I thought that all the talk about energy etc was nonsense. Until one day I was performing deep tissue on a client in work/study clinic & noticed a greenish goldish color hovering over my hands. I thought it was a reflection at first but then realized that it followed my movements and only appeared when I was doing my best work & really creating a change in my clients body. Another student said that I was seeing the aura of either the clients, mine, or both of ours. Since then the same thing continues to happen. The only difference is that there may be a little violet pinkish color mixed in with the green & gold… it very beautiful and quit comforting as well. Would you agree this is an aura I’m seeing? Do the colors hold any significance? If there is any other information you could add… I welcome your thoughts and advise.
    ~ amy

  8. BB1980, often we are unaware of our abilities to sense energy and use it for healing until something like this spontaneously happens. Sounds like you did indeed feel the energy of other people and also transmit positive energy. There’s a lot you can read about this, on this and other websites and through books (see our recommended book list). Sounds like something you’ll want to explore and understand further. Good luck!

  9. Yes, Amy, it certainly sounds like you are seeing energy (auras). You say it appeared “when I was doing my best work” which makes sense because at those times your awareness is expanded and you are in your “intuitive mind” as it were, so at those times you see the aura. I’m sure you can find any number of interpretations of the significance of the colors. I think the best thing is to find out for yourself what the colors mean in your work. This comes about through experiences. On the other hand, it isn’t really necessary to know. The colors (or frequencies) that come are those that are needed at the time and you can just trust that.

  10. Question= I have video tapped the ‘Invisible balanced Energy flow between opposing hands and fingers’, while exercising.(one form of the Martial Arts) = Its Strength, is amazing. I know its benefits, need further study, within the Scientific Community. =I will be presenting it to: NYU & Columbia Univ. = Do you have any local Research facilities, that may want to participate?

  11. So I was sitting in class in a bad mood so me and my partner was doing a project so while doing that and had anger toward a student so when he walked by my partner my partner triped him which made me laugh and felt like I made him do that. So later I did the same thing which was concentrate on my partner and anger towards the student and got triped again so the 2nd time I am thinking that I controlled or mentally told him to do that so do you have a explanation on this because I don’t like doing things I dont fully understand. To me it looks like I have slight control over peoples emotions/actions.

  12. i think that manipulating the aura field is the strongest weapon that the human can achieve.. according to many books i’ve read.. its also used to strengthen yor body physically, improve your sex abilities and the masters can use it for healing purposes..
    the main problem is how to activate it and use it, then use a certain techniques in order to increase that aura around your body.. which is a really hard thing to achieve..
    i’d like also to say that evry living thing has an aura “vital energy” which exists in small amount, the tai chi exercises are used to increase and control the flow of this energy within your body “internal energy” and use it physically as “external energy”..
    if anyone have any idea about activating this enormous power that god has given us. please reply to my comment ! 🙂 and sorry for the language problems..

  13. I am going to tell you something and some may think I am crazy but here goes, i see spirits and have dreams of things that are going to happen, like a death, someone is pregnant, or even a message from a passed on love one. So there is more my nephew was sick and put into a medicated comma, I told my sister not to freak but I believe Nick was going to be put on life support (I thought it was just an inner voice) when I left the Hospital to drive 1hour 30 mins home to get stuff for my sister. As we are driving a woman in white appears out of no where pointing back towards the hospital I yelled at the driver to stop and he just looks at me like I am crazy. I get to my sisters have a hot shower and go down stairs with a packed bag of things my sister requested, as I am sitting on the couch I hear a woman telling me to get back to the hospital and not to worry just get alone with my nephew and all 3 of us would heal him but we need you there??? Then 2 minutes later my sister called crying and saying your right sissy he is on life support please get back, so her friend and i drive back, I am texting my sister telling her not to worry that I am coming and the strangest thing happen and i was told to get back and 3 spirits were coming with me to heal Nick (she never received any of my text msgs stating that only the one not to worry I am on my way???). Upon arrival I hug my sister and she has all of our family around her, and I go and sit in the chapel, and I hear the voice again “get your sister to leave and go to nephew alone.” I was like I am going crazy what is going on???? So My sisters friend and I convince my sis to go get rest and explain he is okay he is in a medicated comma and life support, he is not going anywhere. It was the hardest thing my sister had to do but she did go to a family members house 3 blocks away to rest and have a shower. Her friend and I took shifts sitting with my nephew, he went first, and i was just replay all the events over in my head think I need to see a doctor I am going crazy. Finally I was alone and standing next to my nephew, I kissed him on the forehead and started meditating while moving my hands a couple inches over his body. I did this for awhile and then a nurse came in and asked me to give her a few minutes, I left and whispered I love you and to come back to us.
    When I came out to waiting room my sister had returned, with worry and sadness written all over her face, I just hugged her. The nurse returned and my sister went in, approx hour later she came out with a huge grin and tears of joy, she said the Doctor was going to slowly bring Nick out of his coma and take him off life support, he said he has never seen someone bounce back and it was a miracle. The doctor was in complete shock because the test results came back that my nephew had gone septic.
    I just smiled with tears of joy, and whispered thank you to whom ever the 3 people were that spoke to me and got me to do what they wanted.
    Could anyone explain what happened to me??? Did I heal my nephew or was my body taken over??? Why do I hear and see spirits?

  14. Dawn, it’s often hard to know whether an experience is a reflection of a psychological imbalance or a valid experience of receiving information through ones ability to sense energy or to pick up information from the past and future. With what you describe, it seems your experiences are validated by the external events that happen. When people are involved in facilitating another person’s healing, it means you are somehow in tune with a deeper wisdom. People can receive information through visual images or from hearing things or simply sensing things, and then decide what to do with that information. You weren’t “taken over” in the sense that you could have chosen not to follow the advice you received.

    I suggest you do some reading about psychic and intuitive abilities, energy healing and so on, to better understand your experiences and know how to use your abilities and keep your balance. Hopefully you can find a local teacher of energy healing who can help mentor you. And, of course, if you ever feel unduly distressed and have real concern about your psychological balance, it’s good to consult your health care provider.

  15. So you generate energy by actually visualizing,or strongly thinking that you are doing so? Can the energy of our thoughts be powerful enough to actually set things into motion?
    For instance,lets suppose you say incidence A is going to happen.You strongly want it to and nullify any reason that its not going to,first consciously then subconsciously.Then you notice things happening which lead you to think,see I knew it was this.Would you say there is a chance of the event actually happening because your mind energy was so powerful that it caused it to,or do you think its just your mind playing games? In a nutshell,can the energy from your thinking be powerful enough,on a scientific basis,to make things happen or not?
    Thank you.

  16. I don’t think I am crazy just during my experience and other experiences that’s how I feel in the moment. I just don’t understand how it happens and why me sort of thing. I am thankful I listened and acted on what i was told. I just get confused and scared to be honest. Stuff like this has happened to me sense I was a little girl, my family has told me stories of things that have happen, and I always hear I have a gift but I am sometimes afraid of it. I dunno how to explain how I feel, it’s just different I guess.

    Thank you for getting back to me and I will look into a mentor to help me.

  17. SR, this is a huge question and you could spend your whole life exploring this! You can look into scientific research on the subject and see what science says. My feeling is that cause and effect are not easy to tease out and are not always what they seem. You can get into a very basic question of what causes anything to happen. If you think something is going to happen and it does — what caused it to happen may be the same thing as what caused you to have that thought. I’m sure there are people who would be happy to answer this question for you. Some will say your mind can cause things to happen and some will say it can’t. My sense is that at best the mind can reflect what is already taking place, and may be able to cooperate with that happening and be a part of it.