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The Healers’ Corner was inspired by a blog post comment by Michele. She asked:

“Why am I not experiencing Reiki as profoundly as EVERY publication describes, and why is there NOTHING on the internet or in books about Reiki difficulties?”

It’s true, you don’t see much on the internet or in books about challenges healers face (I talk a bit about that in my response to her post). I thought maybe this page could be helpful. You can read readers’ comments and my answers below in the Comments. Here a some of Michele’s comments and my responses.¬†

“I previously have not shared Reiki with others much because I often don’t feel like it “works” for others when I want it to…whereas, it seems to “turn on” and work very powerfully when I least expect it.”

Comment: ¬†Healing energy has a mind of its own, in a sense. Whether the energy flows doesn’t depend on our willing it to. It’s a spontaneous happening that grows out of our healing intention. Whether or not it flows, whether or not healing happens is not up to us. If it doesn’t happen sometimes, it wasn’t meant to. We don’t know what the best path outcome is for anyone. Healing depends also on the receptivity of the person receiving healing. It happens in its own time and in its own way. It isn’t always what we think it should be.

“…about 5 minutes after the session, I became EXTREMELY sad. I cannot describe how completely forlorn I was, and I was also very disappointed that my coworker did not find the session anything other than “relaxing”.”

Comments: The sadness after the session could have been because of the disappointment of not having expectations met, but it could also be that the feelings of the person receiving the healing were experienced by the healer. Yet another explanation is that when energy flows through us, it also creates healing in us. We can feel very strong emotions when healing happens.

As for the disappointment that the person only felt relaxed — it’s best to let go of outcomes when we do healing. We don’t know what is best. It’s not up to us to make something profound happen (and we can’t). Whatever happens is just the right thing for that time. Also — feeling relaxed is highly underestimated as a result. Relaxation promotes healing, and it can be very difficult for people to experience. Relaxation is a great result. And finally, it can be very difficult for people to describe what they experience when they receive energy healing. They may not be able to put it into words, and they may not even remembered as they may have been in an altered state.

“I’ve felt really drained after giving Reiki…”

Comment: Usually the result of giving an energy healing is to feel energized oneself due to the energy which has flowed through us. If this isn’t the case, it’s possible that we have been trying too hard — trying to make the energy flow, trying to push it along. (It’s like pushing the river.) That could be draining. Energy healing is about allowing — allowing the energy to flow through. In rare cases, the energy flowing through us can cause so much processing in our own physiology and psychology that it tires us. That would be unusual however.


Healers’ Corner — 28 Comments

  1. May I ask the solution and reason for feeling uncomfortable feeling in stomach and chest area after giving healing. Is it physical or some other problem. Are their any side effects on healer after healing session . looking forward for suggestions.
    thank you.

  2. To Geet katri,
    I’d have to have a lot more detail about what happened, what kind of healing you are doing, etc. before I could really comment. I can say in general that as we do a healing, our own blocks can start to move due to the energy running through us. Also, sometimes healers feel what is in the energy field of the person they are working on, but usually this would have passed by the end of the session. There are other possibilities as well. If this is something that comes up often, you may want to seek some mentoring from an experienced healer (or take a class like Healing Touch).

  3. thank u Mary. I do not feel anything when i give healing. I have given distant healing few times. I just pray and follow the procedure. After few days i start getting queasy feeling in stomach. Then I stop. Is it due to some disease or otherwise or I have no capacity. Please suggest.

  4. It’s hard to even know if the queasy feeling is related to the healing since it happens a few days after. Again I would suggest that you take a course and work with an experienced healer to learn more. I would also recommend you consult a qualified health care provider about your stomach symptoms.

  5. I received my Reiki I certification at the end of May. Since then I have been “practicing” as much as possible. In every healing I have felt a tingling sensation, and heat on the palms of my hands while doing the treatment. As soon as the tingling goes away, I know its time to change hand positions to the next chakra.

    I am very open to whatever outcome, and so far every healing session outcome has been different. Some people have felt heat, some coolness, some have felt a tingling while others just feel relaxed. At this point I am doing treatments for free, so my “patients” have been very open with me regarding their side of the experience.

    There was only one case when I actually felt the illness of one of my “patients”, he had an upset stomach due to emotional stress, and as an empath I should have known better than to do a treatment without protecting myself first! Now I always pray and meditate that I be safely placed in a bubble of light to safeguard me from taking on the illnesses of those I treat.

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience, Marcela. It’s wonderful that you are giving the gift of Reiki to so many people, and all that “practicing” will develop your healing skills even further.

  7. Although I don’t yet consider myself a true healer, I do feel the energy within and I know I can do it, I think the most important part of trying to heal is passion and that feeling that you get in your core of true belief and feeling of healing. Work is in progress :]

  8. Yes, ashleigh, you are on your way. Feeling the energy and your confidence in that is a foundation for progress. After that, the most important thing is to practice healing. Start doing it! Even if you don’t have confidence, practice and experience builds confidence. Best wishes!

  9. Hi! I stumbled across your website today and I’m sure it wasn’t by accident. I was looking for information on becoming a healer, and found the answer to a lot of questions I’ve had.
    I’ve had a natural ability to heal (as well as other abilties such as psychometry and psychic gifts) but unfortunately have had a lot of negative experiences as a young age that scared me into not opening up. I’ve continued to practice and heal, but never fully opening up because of fear. I wonder how many other people have had such experiences?
    I have been working with a mentor lately, and I’ve noticed that in a lot of healing sessions I get visions too, and it always seems to be about negative things–things that want to be addressed so they can be cleared for the person being healed. Is there a name for this type of healing? And do you think it would be beneficial for people who struggle with cancer so they can heal more clearly (for a lack of better words). Sorry so lengthy!! : )

  10. Jenn, I think it’s quite common that childhood experiences can hamper the ability to use these gifts. That’s part of the healing the healer has to do for herself.

    Certainly information we get in sessions about a person’s issues can be valuable for them in helping them to heal. The important thing is to know how to use the information you get – what to say and not to say to the person, as well as how to say it. Perhaps you can work with your mentor on how to communicate your intuitions constructively.

  11. hey all, after falling in love with a girl (melissa) that had trans-medium, phycic, and healer values, I will never forget that portrait of that point in time of my life. Her mother (deb) had shown me the key to having set foot on a spiritual journey. WILL. nothing else. she had said : “If you want to take on a spiritual journey, heh, you will”. The more I think about that sentence the more sense it seems to make. To be honest, I really do not understand how so many people claim to be able to give such a concrete definition on how energy re-acts and acts. My healings so far have been run on nothing but an complete open mind, and taking note of when a result happens because the truth is, we have no factual evidence towards healing energy. sometimes all it takes is to just pay attention and feel. for example : I have heard of a method of meditation that has the goal of “becoming one with everything”, but I have recieved the same results of having the goal of ” intensifying relaxation and calmness” which actually shouldn’t be thought of “intensifying” at all, seeing as i feel like i fall off the map when I power meditate like that. What i’m going to say next is my opinion and I’m going to ask that no one should take it personally. I fear that religion has masked much in this world in order to teach innocent minds how to bring out healing emotions, at the sacrificial cost of numerous obligations. maybe when we can take this mask off, is when we can see our reflection more clearly. Thank you for your time.

  12. Thank you, Shane, for sharing your perspective. I find that you are very truthful in your approach, not putting any big “spin” on what you do and “what is”. The words we use to try to describe energy healing and meditation are completely inadequate. Your openness and lack of a need to “know” and “define” are a gift!

  13. thanks mary,
    There is just one question that mindboggles me, and would appreciate your oppinion. When removing negative energy, where does it go? where should it go? I am constantly confused after I have removed and disconected the stagnant energy and it projects right back. Any oppion would help alot, thanks!

  14. Hi Shane. Are you talking about the negative energy removed from someone you do a healing on? If so, I’ll make some additional comments. It would help if you gave an example.

    I can say generally that you can think of the negative energy as being like a tangled up string. Removing the negative energy is like untangling the string. You’re not really taking something away that has an existence in and of itself, if that makes any sense. There’s nowhere for anything to go. It is, in a sense, dissolved.

  15. Hi, I have for some time been drawn to spiritual healing and am due to start a course this week. I have been looking into all sorts of spiritual practices and find some of the things I have read scary and off putting. Does becoming a healer have anything to do with raising kundalini? Because the amount of people that seem to be in mental and physical turmoil as a result of something going wrong, and then abandoned by their mentors makes me wonder what it is all about. I have suffered from depression on and off over the years and my tutor who I have been receiving healing from says becoming a healer will help me and others, but another healing organisation I spoke to says if you have any mental issues you should not take a healing course. I so want to become a healer but I don’t want to attract any more problems than I already have. Would appreciate any input before I take this step. Thanks.

  16. Jane, a lot of this would depend on the nature of the healing course you are taking, and it would make sense for you to talk to the person giving the course about it. Ultimately, though, you’ll need to check in with your own intuition. These things are very complex and no one can give you a definitive answer on what will work for you.

  17. Suzanne, I do feel that this is an inappropriate comment, and certainly not at all healing. I would disregard anything this healer says as obviously he or she does not know how to communicate constructively with a client. In addition, the statement that someone has “very dark, negative energy” tells me that the healer is not very sophisticated in his/her thinking.

    Reputation doesn’t always indicate the true skill of a healer. Unfortunately, people sometimes are dazzled by an energy healer’s seeming grasp of esoteric knowledge and the hope that the healer can answer their questions due to an ability to perceive what the average person can’t. I am very familiar with an example of someone who does astrological readings that are highly inaccurate and makes comments that are often very destructive, and yet many people continue to see this person.

    I hope your daughter can just let this go and follow her own knowing and her own heart.

  18. Hi Mary, I have a son that is in a mental hospital, and he has been there for more than 3, 1/2 years; I am looking for several options to help him while he is at this hospital. Of course, he is under a lot of drugs, and those drugs are making him worse…and because he is not balanced, he can’t get out…he is in level 0-1 and to be released, he is supposed to be in level 5. he is 32 years of age, and was diagnosed with schizo- affective when he was 14; at 20 he started hearing voices, and no matter what amount of drugs they give him, the voices don’t let him concentrate. they tell him (the voices)to hurt people…and he believes they are real. I was listening to some of your posted tapes, and since music and meditation is about the only thing they will allow him to have…I was wondering, if you can suggest, which one you think will be the most beneficial for him. He wants to be whole again…as he many times tells me….he wants to be normal… and live his life…..he intended suicide twice before….he is very depressed, and really wants to die. I want to help him…and I have look for many things..can you give me some suggestions please? sincerely.

  19. Marta, I am so sorry to hear about your son. Certainly the music alone could be beneficial, and there is a free music track on the Listen to Our Podcast page of our Meditation Oasis website. If he likes that, we have albums (as CDs and mp3 downloads) of music — Pure Light and Sleep Oasis available for purchase. I’m not at all sure about the meditations — how he would receive them and understand them. If I had to choose one to try, it would be the Body Awareness Meditation or Breath Awareness Meditation. You might want to check with his doctor though.

    We wish you and your son well.

  20. Thank you so much for taking time to answer. I appreciate your response, and I will consider your suggestions. Thank you!

  21. About 15 years ago, as I met with Tibetan Buddhsim, i met a practitionner of that, who also practised Reiki and she offered some sessions to me. At that time I was attending once every 2 months a physician who had dropped conventional medicine and was a sort of energy healer (he discovered the method by himself). I had trust in him, he was good, helpful to me at a time when I didn’t know what to do with my life and that was paralysing me (despite lots of professional qualifications). I asked him about the Reiki sessions while he was sensing my energy field (or someting like that). He said the girl was receiving and benefiting from my own energy just as much as I was receiving from her during these sessions (or something like that). I asked, does it help? He said, well, circulation of energy is rather good than bad. I stopped the Reiki sessions with her after that explanation. Six months later, a friend of mine (student of the same Tibetan guru) offered a Reiki initiation. I was not so much excited, but we were in a holy cave in the Himalaya, with our Guru not too far away, so I opened myself to that Reiki initiation while connecting with my Guru and the energies of the cave. I was then wondering what to do with that Reiki, weither I should give myself time to practice that. The next day, without me saying a word, our Guru explained, in a teaching to our group of 150 people, that healing others will be a natural outcome of one’s own spiritual growth and that the best investment should be in one’s own spiritual development. I never thought of Reiki or healing others since then. But surfing on your site, I can’t help remembering the fact that sometimes, you may benefit from your patient just as much as she/he benefits from your treatment! So… ? Also, my health is bad these days, and conventiuoal or even herbal medicine don’t help, but I’m a bit afraid of going to energy healer, thinking I may be contaminated by their energy if it is lower than mine! What do you think?

  22. Yes, the healer gains in helping the other, just as the teacher learns in teaching. As for going to an energy healer, you need to use your intuition on that, or go to someone recommended by someone you trust.

  23. Hi Mary,
    I was browsing your wedsite for information. I belive i’ve had healing power since i’m a child.I can even remember people telling my mother that i had a special glow about me…Whatever that may meens. I’m now in my twenties and a have a good job but i feel like my life calling is healing…BUt here’s were i need your help i don’t know what kind of healing a do because it comes so naturaly to me and i’ve been doing it more since i’ve been 18.I’m not saying what i do cures people but it definatly helps them temtorarly. One ladie i’ve helped says shes seen all kinds of therapist and professional in the domaine and is very surprised of my healing abilities and of my instincts.Of course it works better for people who are responsive and i can feel that from people as well. I’m fasinated about the human body and how it works it’s like i can go inside of peoples bodies i don’t know how else to explain it. It first starts with my hands becoming really warm and i can work on the hole body but am mostly attarcted to peoples backs and my hands very gently goes over the persons back and its like my hands are drawn to knots of energies as i call them and when i touch them people usualy are like wow how did you find that spot. They say they can feel heat going into there bodies about 1 to 2 inches deep from my finger tips and hands. Usually people tell me the next day they feel better and there pains are usually all most gone.For it to work i need to concentrate on them for about and hour or two after to take the pain or knots of energies away.Sometimes i only touch people for 5 minutes. Could you help me figure out what it is i do so i can help more people and figure out what direction i should go to.
    Sorry my message is so long.I really appreciate your time .

  24. Christine, from your description you are doing “energy healing”. It can happen very spontaneously like this — some people, like you, are gifted with it and it comes naturally to do it. You do it instinctively. It might help to read about it, on this website and by reading books (see the recommended book list). Taking a class can also help you to find your way — how to offer the healing, how to structure sessions, how to create a professional practice if that is what you want. I highly recommend the Healing Touch program or Therapeutic Touch as a place to start.

  25. Christine (and Mary and everyone !) you might also want to look into massage therapy as a career path. Massage has a “legitimacy” to it that energy healing may lack (at least in the Midwest where I am !) I’m a Reiki master who just graduated from a local massage therapy program, and I plan on combining those modalities–I know there’s Some energy work going on when I give a massage ! Besides the fact that massage in and of itself is good for what ails ya ! This is a great site BTW ! Blessings to all !

  26. Carol, thank you so much for adding this. Yes, becoming a massage therapist is a great foundation for starting a healing practice and many people do add energy healing to that.

  27. hi, i have just recentley given healing to a friend but he as woke up this morning qith flu like symptons, is this down to unblocking of something, i usually do aura healing but with him i used my fingertips on pressure points on his head, with alot of heat coming from near his ears.