In praise of physical therapy

I’ve had back problems for years. I’ve seen chiropractors, acupuncturists and had all sorts of energy work. Somehow my inclination to use alternative treatments caused me to overlook physical therapists¬†(PTs). Recently, when two friends with chronic back problems both said … Continue reading

What if I’m not the main character? The ultimate meaning of holistic healing.

When I first heard about holistic healing I was thrilled. It was about all of me — my mind, my body, my psyche, my spirit. As my definition of healing expands, however, I see that we really can’t talk about … Continue reading

The Middle Way, My Way — Balancing Conventional and Holistic Medicine

Some people use only conventional medicine, others avoid it like the plague and use only holistic or alternative medicine. Most people are somewhere in between. In some ways it’s easier to stand in only one camp, since the two approaches … Continue reading