Listen to your body for balance and health

Listening to your body’s messages is essential to maintaining balance and good health. Our fast pace of life, coupled with the constant stimulation of being wired to everything through TV, radios, cell phones and so on, creates an overload on … Continue reading

In praise of physical therapy

I’ve had back problems for years. I’ve seen chiropractors, acupuncturists and had all sorts of energy work. Somehow my inclination to use alternative treatments caused me to overlook physical therapists¬†(PTs). Recently, when two friends with chronic back problems both said … Continue reading

“No mother? Don’t worry, as long as you have Triphala…”

Triphala, one of the most popular remedies in traditional Indian medicine (“Ayurveda”), is thought to care for the internal organs as a mother does for her children. That explains the popular folk saying that forms the title of this post. … Continue reading

On emotional healing — moods vs. emotions

An essential key to emotional healing, or any healing, is the ability to experience our emotions fully. Seems like that should be simple, but it’s not. We’re incredibly complex beings whose past conditioning often makes the experience of emotions complicated. … Continue reading

What if I’m not the main character? The ultimate meaning of holistic healing.

When I first heard about holistic healing I was thrilled. It was about all of me — my mind, my body, my psyche, my spirit. As my definition of healing expands, however, I see that we really can’t talk about … Continue reading