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How to Use this Website — 2 Comments

  1. Oh. Where to begin? Awhile ago I decided that I wanted to become a massage therapist. I’ve been practicing for as long as I can remember; ever since I was old enough to walk and my mom would ask me to walk on her back. I’m a little too big for that now but have become quite good with my hands.
    I’ve always been a visual person. I like to picture the bones, muscles and tendons when I work on people. I see what they look like in my head and visualize them going back to normal as I work out the kinks. I have always thought that I had a pretty good feel for the human body.
    Today while I was working on my mom’s head, neck and shoulders I lost track of everything except what was going on under my fingers. I began to visualize all of the negative energy being drawn out and released through my breath. Suddenly I realized that not only were the knots vanishing. Not only that but the vertibrae in her neck began to slip into place.
    Basically… I found this website in hopes of encouragement, advice on how I can hone my craft and advertise myself and to connect with like-minded individuals. I am so glad that I found this! I wish to be a pioneer!

  2. Emmy, I would most certainly encourage you to pursue this. You obviously have natural talent and a passion for this kind of work. You are already doing energy healing along with the massage. Becoming a massage therapist is a good start. You can use these skills without even saying “I am doing energy healing”. There are a lot of different ways that massage therapists work, some work with energy consciously and some unconsciously, and others are more focused on the purely physical level. If you already have the training you need to be a massage therapist in your state, you can just go ahead and practice. Connect with other massage therapists and find some energy workers as well. Whether or not you advertise the energy healing part of what you do will likely depend on the receptivity to this in the area you live in. You can probably get lots of tips on getting started from a massage association as well. You might take an energy healing class, such as Reiki, Healing Touch or Therapeutic Touch, to learn more of the concepts and learn how to talk to clients about it as well as practice more on others. Good luck.