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We acknowledge that anything is possible in healing. The body is a marvelous self-healing mechanism, and we often underestimate the ability of the body and the human spirit to recover from illness and trauma. At the same time, we emphasize the difference between “curing” and “healing”, affirming that while curing does not always occur, healing is always possible.

We support the broadest possible definition of healing — “to become Whole”, acknowledging that the experience of Wholeness is available regardless of any situation or circumstance. Above all, we feel that while the pairs of opposites are always present in life — pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow, darkness and light — it is nevertheless possible to experience inner peace. This is possible through an expansion of awareness which allows us to embrace a larger perspective and discover more refined qualities of love, compassion, gratitude and joy which lie beyond surface appearances.

When it comes to matters related to healing and spirituality, we are all involved in a journey of learning. When we learn something with someone, we may call them a “teacher”, but in reality, everyone’s understanding and experience is unique. We are all “self-authenticating” — even when we decide something based on an “authority”, it is ultimately our judgment that that person is an authority and we make the decision to honor the perspective or information received from them.

We encourage everyone to believe in themselves and what rings true for them. We hope to encourage freedom of exploration and expression, as well as trust in oneself and the larger Life of which we are all a part. There are a myriad of viewpoints, as many as there are people. As ones perspective becomes broader and one grows in wisdom, tolerance and compassion, it becomes clear that no one viewpoint is “correct”. The best test of the “rightness” of a belief is whether it serves you and supports you in having a fulfilled life.

You are invited to an exploration of the meaning of healing, and to investigate what it is you seek as you seek healing. This is an invitation to go deeper, to find a more profound level of healing. The larger invitation is to discover that which is “beyond healing” — That which lives in the very depths of healing’s heart, that which is already healed, already Whole.



About Us — 7 Comments

  1. Will a person who has to wear a cardiac event monitor 24/7 interfere with
    a person doing healing touch on a client?

  2. Hi Barbara,

    My feeling is that this would not interfere with the effectiveness of someone giving Healing Touch. The energies involved in the healing work shouldn’t be affected by the monitor. Of course, this is just my intuitive feeling. Best way to find out is to try it out — it certainly can’t hurt!

  3. hello well i don’t know really what type of healing you do but my mom called us quondathedoss wich is another word for healler and i would like to know what it is ??

  4. In the order for my book Robes of Silk Feet of Clay, I read “Heart of Healing” and became curious.
    Now that I am out on your site, I can immediately connect with Mary receiving guidance in a dream, which is one of the guiding principles of my life. In fact, one of the main motivators for my writing my book was that Maharishi came to me in a dream and asked me if I was going to leave him in the dark… Well, the whole story is there and you will have it soon. I was just happy to read about someone else relating the fantastic wisdom that is available to us through our dreams. Sincerely, Judith Bourque

  5. Hello Judith, so much is available to us through our own inner knowing. The trick is coming to know which messages we receive are real, and then to be able to trust them! Looking forward to reading your book.

  6. I am interested in natural healing .want to study it.I also tried some experiments in healing& spirituality.