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Energy Healing CD
Learn to give a hands-on Chakra Balancing!

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Voice-Guided Instructions & Meditations by Mary Maddux

Music by Richard Maddux

This CD contains everything you need to sense energy, activate the healing energy in your hands and give a hands-on, full body chakra balancing.

Energy healer, Mary Maddux, voice-guides the listener step-by-step accompanied by beautiful, healing music.

The CD includes:
  •  An informative booklet and spoken introductions
  •  A chart of photographs of hand positions
  •  A voice-guided Energy Sensing Exercise to help you sense energy and activate your hands for healing
  •  A Centering Meditation to help you be fully present in the here and now, open and receptive to allow Universal Energy to flow
  •  Step-by-step voice-guided instruction in giving a full body Chakra Balancing
  •  Soothing, healing music supporting the voice-guided processes


Meditation Oasis CD

Guided Meditations for Effortlessness, Emotional Ease and Letting Go

Meditations by Mary Maddux
Music by Richard Maddux
The Meditation Oasis CD contains four of the best guided meditations from the popular Meditation Oasis podcast.  Accompanied by beautiful music especially composed for each meditation, Mary Maddux’s soothing voice gently guides the listener to meditate easily and effectively.Track 1: Breath Awareness Meditation. A relaxing, easy way to meditate.  Once you are familiar with this meditation, you will be able to do it anytime on your own.Track 2: Effortless Meditation. This meditation teaches you to be effortless as you meditate.  This will carry over to other meditations that you do.Track 3: Emotional Ease Meditation. Especially useful when you feel rough or upset, this meditation helps the emotions to flow more freely.Track 4: Letting Go Meditation. Designed to help you flow more easily with life.  It guides you to let go of resistance to what is naturally happening, thus creating more ease in living.

Relaxing Music MP3.


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Like Pure Light and Sleep Oasis, this new release has selections of the beautiful, meditative music of Richard Maddux. This exquisite music conveys a feeling of peacefulness, and opens the heart.  This collection is especially effective as a background for meditation, massage, or yoga.

1. Acceptance 5:00

2. Dawn 4:14

3. Grandeur 3:05

4. Remembrance 4:05

5. Homecoming 4:24

6. Comfort 6:08

7. Peaceful Mind, Open Heart 6:07

8. Sanctuary 2:40

9. Clearing 7:00

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